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Luz-Marie Caro

Luz-Marie Caro is a lover of life and people!  She was born in Manhattan, NY and raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, alongside nine brothers, in the 80’s.  She is the proud mother of Crystal and Matthew.

After 20 years in corporate, she followed her heart and pursued her passion of helping others work towards physical, emotional and spiritual balance. She began her wellness/wellbeing journey in 2012 and is overjoyed to be able to continue learning.

Luz is a Certified Reiki Master, Tony Robbins/Firewalker, Landmark Graduate (Forum & Advanced Course) Life and Wellness Coach. 

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Desde el 6 de Marzo a las 8pm les invito a registrarse para compartir, aprender  diferentes maneras para tener paz sin miedos, enojo y mas sentimientos.


6 de Marzo - 3 de Abril - 1 de Mayo - 5 de Junio - 3 de Julio - 7 de Agosto - 4 de Septiembre - 2 de Octubre - 6 de Noviembre - 4 de Diciembre


1 de Enero - 5 de Febrero - 5 de Marzo


"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

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